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"Fictions are neither truth nor lies,
they are something else."

César Rendueles

Fiction, that other thing, is now and will be for at least the next five years the battlefield where the forms and manners of the human being will be shaped at all levels: Political, economic, ideological, social, religious, historical... It is the battlefield because in it there is a suspension of the laws of law, morality, custom, where we can show and play with any behaviour, from the most reprehensible to the most honest and turn it into a conduct with which the spectator identifies in such a way that he or she is forced to rethink basic categories of coexistence relations and to redefine, in a context of extreme threat and generalised violence such as the one we find ourselves in, social legitimacies and moral options.
Why do we at Thusia present ourselves as creators of fiction? Because it is what we have always done and now it is the terrain on which everyone wants to travel, the field of the coming struggle. Because, with the scarce means at our disposal, we want to do battle with all the sectors that are already circulating on the terrain of fiction, with the plausible construction of unrealities, with the ill-intentioned dramatisation of reality. We want to work on the ethical reorganisation of elements (real or unreal) and generate dramaturgies that make us understand what we live, what surrounds us and that fulfil an indispensable task for our survival: to help us predict our reactions in hypothetical situations, forcing us to represent them in our minds -to repeat and reconstruct them- and, from there, to glimpse what we would feel if we were to experience them for real. Once we have done this, it won't take us long to recognise ourselves in others, because somehow at that point we will already be others and we will be able to form a guerrilla to fight to defend and try to win the battle for our dignity.
We thought we would have to fight for many things, even for high concepts such as truth, but we never imagined that we would have to fight for fiction. That time has come.

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